Book 3: Double or Die
With kidnap, violence, explosions, and murder, it was no ordinary weekend. But then, James Bond is no ordinary boy..

.In a North London cemetery, a professor is kidnapped at gunpoint. A suspicious letter crammed with cryptic clues arrives at Eton. To decipher the deadly mystery, James Bond must take a series of dangerous gambles. 

Once the code is cracked, he has just 48 hours to save the professor from the dark forces that threaten to destroy them both. And if the professor can't escape, it's not only his future under threat. It's the rest of the world's...
UK Release: January 4, 2007
US Release: April 22, 2008
Locations: Eton College, Cambridge, London 
Creature encounter: None
Bond Gadgets: Apache combo weapon, pneumatic railway
Bond Girl: Kelly Kelly 
Bond Villain: Sir John Charnage
Henchman: Ludwig & Wolfgang
Villain’s plot: Build world’s first decoding computer for Russia
Highlights: Hearts game; car chase; gambling den; gin poisoning; climatic Docklands action; CMR Bond postscript.
Working Title: Shoot The Moon
Did You Notice? Universal Exports makes a cameo appearance.

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Double or Die hardcover released in Germany

Apache makes appearance on CSI New York

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“Well, damn them. Damn them to hell. He wasn’t done yet. He pushed the accelerator down as far as it would go and aimed straight for them.”

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