Following his adventures in the Scottish Highlands, James Bond is back at Eton, where he has joined the risk-taking Danger Society. Summer vacation is on the horizon, and James is looking forward to a school trip to the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia, and the opportunity to spend some time with his reclusive cousin Victor. 

But all is not as it appears. James soon discovers that the seemingly peaceful island harbors some strange secrets. Before long, Victor's house has been ransacked and important pieces of artwork have been stolen. James learns that the Millenaria--a ruthless Roman society long thought to be extinguished--is still active. He suspects the impetuous millionaire Count Ugo Carnifex may be behind it. But one of his teachers has been acting strangely as well...
Book 2: Blood Fever
UK Release: January 5, 2006
US Release: June 1, 2006
Locations: Eton College, Kent, Sardinia
Creature encounter: Mosquitos
Bond Girls: Amy Goodenough, Vendetta
Bond Villain: Count Ugo Carnifex
Henchman: Zoltan the Magyar
Villain’s plot: Steal art and treasure and become Emperor of new Roman Empire.
Highlights: Danger Society; Amy & Zoltan; Ugo’s palazzo; Bond learns to snorkel; boxing match; mosquito torture; Vendetta; cave battle; dam destruction.
Working Title: Double M
Did You Notice? The father of Thunderball villain Count Lippe makes a cameo appearance.

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"You fascinate me, James Bond. ... I see you and I see the number seven and I see the figure of death. Death will walk by your side through your life."

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