What does it take to become the greatest secret agent the world has ever known? In this thrilling prequel to the adventure of James Bond, 007, readers meet a young boy whose inquisitive mind and determination set him on a path that will someday take him across the globe, in pursuit of the most dangerous criminals of all time. 

When we first meet young James, he's just started boarding school at Eton in the 1930’s, and from there, the action moves to the Highlands of Scotland, where Alfie Kelly, a local boy, has gone missing. James teams up with the boy’s cousin, Red, to investigate the mystery, and they soon discover that Alfie’s disappearance is linked to a madman and his sinister plot for global power.
Book 1: SilverFin
UK Release: March 3, 2005
US Release: April 27, 2005
Locations: Eton College, Scotland
Creature encounter: Eels
Bond Girl: Wilder Lawless
Bond Villain: Lord Randolph Hellebore
Henchman: George Hellebore
Villain’s plot: Use serum derived from eels to genetically create a race of unstoppable soldiers.
Highlights: Prologue action; Eton foot race; learning to drive; Circus; Hellebore’s plot; Algar; James injected with SilverFin; final underwater action.
Working Title: Out of Breath
Did You Notice? The father of Red Grant makes a cameo appearance.

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“The smell and noise and confusion of a hallway full of schoolboys can be quite awful at twenty past seven in the morning.”

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